Automated Ventilation System

Fight pollutants and odours with smart home ventilation control

Automated Ventilation System

Fight pollutants and odours with smart home ventilation control

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Scrub the air and protect your family

Whether you have a whole-house smart home ventilation system or individual extractor fans installed, controlling them from your automation system makes sense. An automated ventilation system reduces pollution and mould formation and is one of the easiest ways to improve your home life.

Bespoke automated smart home ventilation systems to suit your lifestyle

Ventilation extraction is often hardwired to the lights, but what if you want to have dimmable lighting in the bathroom or you’re showering on a bright sunny day and don’t need the lights on?

Incorporating the ventilation control system into your Home Automation gets around these issues, giving you the flexibility to control the ventilation in the way that suits you. A wall-mounted keypad gives you separate control of the ventilation and lights – one button for the lights and another for the ventilation. Having said that, the ventilation can be automated with the lighting. Alternatively, the ventilation control can be a simple pull-cord in the bathroom.

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    Reduce mould and condensation

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    Control air impurities

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    Reduce odours in your home

Quiet and seamless living

Of course, those late-night visits to the en-suite may not require the ventilation to come on for a visit that lasts a minute or so, that’s also no problem. We can program the smart home ventelation system not to automatically activate the extractor between certain hours to suit your needs – you can still manually activate it should you wish.

Like smart thermostats, smart speakers, and other smart home products, our ventilation systems connect to your home network to allow for seamless and instant integration. Using your phone, hub or voice command, you can control your vents without ever needing to flick a switch.

Health-conscious home management

We have a wide selection of advanced ventilation equipment and technology for your home.

Air quality can improve your home life immensely. Tiredness, headaches and allergic reactions can all be caused by poor quality air.

With a smart home ventilation system, you can control your windows remotely, set up timers to let air in, and even connect to dedicated humidifiers and air cleaners.

Make the most of your home with our optimised systems

A heavy afternoon preparing a sumptuous evening meal for friends may need a boost to the ventilation in the kitchen. Ventilation boost controls can be incorporated into the single kitchen keypad that controls your other Home Automation (lighting, music, TV etc.) removing the need for yet another switch on the wall.

  • Reduce harmful gases like carbon dioxide

  • Smart control systems monitor your home and scrub the air

  • Reduce noise pollution with automated ventilation