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Leaders in home automation and improvement

About us

Leaders in home automation and improvement

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Design Innovation was founded by Nick Gale in 2006. Nick started Design Innovation in 2006. After 20 years of experience in the professional sound, lighting and AV industry Nick decided to strike out on his own and offer something. With a history in engineering, Nick has a real passion for technology and modern home developments, combining the two to develop innovative home automation solutions.

From these humble beginnings, the company has grown and completed all manner of projects. Home automation, home cinema, commercial security and more! We have automated some of the most prestigious homes in the UK winning plaudits and awards as we go along.

We are based in Nottingham in the heart of the UK from where we undertake projects all over the UK and occasionally in Europe.

What is home automation?

Home automation is the ability to program and schedule home tasks. By connecting and communicating between smart devices on a network we can automate everyday tasks like turning on lights, preheating ovens, and checking who’s at the front door. 

The possibilities are endless! Home automation can be tailored to individual lifestyles and routines. Want to make sure the lights switch on before you get home? Schedule them to turn on 5 minutes before you reach your home. Is that window letting in too much early morning glare? You can automate blinds and curtains to open and close at specific times. Want to spend more time with your dinner guests? Preheat the oven from the dining room.

Convenience and Entertainment

Whether you’re building a home theatre and need to sync audiovisual equipment or just want to get rid of all those remotes on your coffee table, it’s possible with the right products and installation. Streaming videos, tuning into cable and satellite TV, programming the DVR, queuing up music and managing surround sound from your device has never been easier.

Remote Control

Remote control is one of the biggest benefits of home automation. With the development of high-speed internet connection and smart devices, more and more parts of your home can be controlled remotely from a touch screen hub or smart device.

This control also allows you to monitor your consumption. Whether you want to reduce your heating bill or make sure that lights aren’t left on overnight remote controls monitor and assess your home with running consumption data. Remote control also allows you to feel secure even when you’re not home. Check your security cameras or video doorbell from your phone and you can rest easy in the knowledge your home is only ever a button click away.

Notifications can also be tailored for specific events. Fire alarms, motion detector warnings, and even severe weather alerts can all be programmed in monitoring software. You can also use your notifications to let you know when your kids get home from school.

As manufacturers are creating more and more smart home devices and appliances all the time, the possibilities for home automation systems are virtually limitless.

What we do differently?

Automated Lighting Control

Lighting is one of the most popular requests. It is easy to set up and use requiring little more than smart bulbs and an app. It is also one of the best places to reduce your energy costs. However, lighting is all of this and more! Automated lighting allows you to control the mood of individual moods whether it’s changing the colour of the bulbs or brightness. This service also extends to outdoor lighting. Pathway lighting, motion lights, and wall lights can be turned on or off without moving from your couch.

Automating Climate Control

Smart thermostats and temperature management software are another popular request. Heating in the UK is a concern for all homes. With long, cold nights and that famous English rain never far behind, smart heating controls can increase your energy efficiency and save you money. Whether at home, work or on holiday, you can set up your preferences and leave your automation system to adjust the temperature.

Climate control also extends to air quality. Our systems can manage smart air vents and humidity control systems. These help you purify the air and reduce the air pollution present in your home.

Advanced Security & Access Control

Security is one of the most important factors behind home automation. Protecting yourself, your family, and your belongings are always at the forefront of a homeowner’s mind and it doesn’t get much safer than remote control. Automation controls can be linked directly to your phone so no matter where you are, you can set and monitor security cameras, alarms, locks and other home security systems.

We believe that the Home Automation and Automated Technology market in UK will see enormous growth over the coming years as the technology develops at an ever more rapid rate, delivering huge convenience and luxury. There is, therefore, great potential for our business to grow and prosper if we get it right, and getting it right means delivering an outstanding level of service to our customers – a level of service that is unequalled in the industry. Engage with us, tell us about your aspirations and let us demonstrate what we mean.

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