Visual (TV) Distribution

Stream, record, and control all your favourites with our bespoke home automation TV distribution solutions

Visual (TV) Distribution

Stream, record, and control all your favourites with ease

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Seamless Integration with out TV distribution

Our TV distribution provides you with a fully bespoke entertainment system, perforated screen, hidden speakers, stepped cinema seating and a separate projection room; or a smaller scale surround sound system based around your TV, whatever your needs we put the highest levels of care and attention into the project.

After all, it’s your space and your entertainment and you want it to be the best it possibly can be, within the scope of your budget and surroundings.

Spellbinding entertainment solutions

Home entertainment like televisions and speakers can be unsightly and complicated. We simplify all the cables, tv aerials, remote controls, and speakers with bespoke automated home entertainment systems.

Our leading visual distribution systems take all these devices and organise them into a simple multi-room control system that can be accessed from your home hub or smart device. We can even cover your TV with a mirror or painting to add some mystique to your home.

This keeps your home tidy and allows you to control your entertainment systems from anywhere in the house.

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    Customised comfort

    Comfortable seating for you to relax and enjoy your down time

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    Mood lighting

    Set the mood for dates, parties, and movie nights

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    Cup holders, built-in seat speakers, whatever you can think of. We can do it.

Every room optimised for maximum comfort and enjoyment

Every home is unique. Our TV distributions can be painted and hidden to fit your aesthetic and leave your entertainment room packed with well-hidden features.

We can connect your smart TV or projector to bespoke speakers for that surround sound feel, automate curtains and blinds so you can get rid of the glare, or just about anything else you can think of.

Control your television effortlessly via the handy universal control, smart device or even your voice. You’ll never need to hunt for batteries or dig the remote out of the couch ever again.

We only use the very best
projectors, screens and speakers

HD TV’s, digital TV’s, we offer the latest in entertainment technology.

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Cinema Screens - Design Innovation

Create an entertainment system that will entrhall and become the hub for friends and family. We work with leading brands to offer top-of-the-line entertainment equipment.

We also work with homes of all shapes, sizes and budgets. Our designers and engineers can help you maximise your space and help you create an automated home that fits your lifestyle.

The perfect Media Room

All of our visual and TV distributions are supported by KNX and Control 4 Systems. This means we create entertainment solutions that are intuitive and designed for convenience. Whether you want to create a luxurious lounge or a cinematic sanctuary to get away from the day, our home media solutions can do it all.

  • Hidden projectors & screens

  • Bespoke sound systems

  • Cutting edge TV technology