Lighting Control

Save energy and modernise your lighting

Lighting Control

Save energy and modernise your lighting

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Lighting inside and out

Our home lighting automation solutions can be used inside and out. Turn on the lights before you get home, switch off all the lights from the comfort of your bed or change your house lighting to set the mood for a memorable party. Smart lights allow you to this and more all from our state-of-the-art smart home hub.

Our systems combine smart bulbs like the Philips hue with smart home platforms to link connected devices to a central management hub. This hub is easy to use and allows you to create bespoke lighting plans, whether you want lights that turn off and on as you enter/exit rooms or motion sensor lights for your garden.

The best possible experience

Gone are the days when lights were simply on or off with the only possible adjustment being the option to change the brightness – by changing the bulb!

Lighting creates ambience in a room and there isn’t a more effective way to change the “mood” of a space than to change the lighting. With our systems, you can do this easily and effortlessly with remote control lighting.

Modern home lighting automation solutions are highly sophisticated and give you the capability to not only adjust the brightness of the light, but also the colour of the light – white/red/blue/green.

Control lighting with motion sensors that automatically turn lights on as you walk into a room.

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    Lighting that turns on when you arrive home.

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    Lighting that turns off when you leave.

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    Lighting that makes it look like you’re at home when you’re not

Save on energy and the environment

Energy bills are one of the biggest headaches facing homeowners. Lights, especially old-fashioned bulbs, can consume large amounts of power putting a strain on your wallet and carbon footprint. Our lighting solutions allow you to control all the lights or individual lights with your phone or home hub.

Like smart thermostats, smart speakers, and other smart home products, our lights connect to your home network to allow for seamless and instant integration. Using your phone, hub or voice command, you can control your smart bulbs without ever needing to flick a switch.

Bespoke lighting solutions

Automate your lighting with leading range of lighting products.

Stay on top of security and energy bills with bespoke lighting.

Or entertain yourself, your friends, and your family with lighting for media rooms, outdoor entertainment and more.

Light the way

Finding time for yourself at home can be difficult. Busy work schedules, household chores, and other time stealers keep you from the important things in life like spending time with your loved ones. We give you the power to take back time by providing leading smart home systems which automate the everyday.

Our lighting control systems can also improve your smart home security. Create lighting sequences that convince people from that outside that your home is occupied, even when it isn’t. Or you can monitor your home at night by installing motion sensor light bulbs in your garden.

These multipurpose lights can be used to entertain on warm nights and protect your home from would-be intruders. Our home automation solutions improve your home security and convenience.

  • Improve your home security system with outdoor lighting

  • Voice-controlled and remote-controlled smart lighting

  • Change your decor for parties, dinner dates, and home cinema viewings easily

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