Assisted Living

Take control of your home with a bespoke automated system

Assisted Living

Take control of your home with a bespoke automated system

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Your home, reimagined

Traditional approaches to assisted living have often used individual devices that don’t integrate or communicate with each other, especially two-way communication.

They are often designed for a care setting where aesthetics is less important. By approaching assisted living using home automation we can provide tailored, fully integrated systems that fulfil the needs of the user in a single, discreet smart home hub.

Live life your way

We create tailored solutions for each person’s needs. Our assisted living systems help those with a physical disability to deal with everyday life, for example, a wheelchair user alone in their home would be more prepared to deal with a smoke detector from a touch screen or turning on a smart thermostat from a mobile phone.

Our assisted living systems can also be used for those with mental conditions, especially those with deteriorating conditions such as dementia. Other examples include providing monitoring and alerts for the peace of mind of distant carers, voice commands for the user, automated lighting control to aid time of day awareness and getting a good night’s sleep in a darkened room. TV and music can help with loneliness with many studies proving how therapeutic music can be to those with dementia. Ironically, all those remotes are confusing and cause frustration for the user and the carer alike. With our home automation solutions, all those remotes can be replaced with a single touch screen with custom icons to suit the user, for example, we can set up one icon for each TV and radio station the user wants.

We go the extra mile

Our applications can be used in single and group homes such as 24-hour care homes, assisted living facilities, and residential care units. We also improve retirement living with the addition of remote-controlled and voice-controlled assistants like the Amazon Echo.

Our team of expert designers and engineers have worked in homes across the UK and have perfected applications for all homes and needs. We work with you to understand your routine and suggest ways to simplify and automate tasks. In this way, we can make your home intuitive and convenient for your lifestyle.

Design Innovation also offer ongoing maintenance and support contracts to keep your home up and running –  a nice to have for most people, but essential if you rely on technology to facilitate your day to day living. Should you have an issue with any of your home’s systems – home automation, security systems,  entertainment systems or broadband, we’re just a phone call away. We can’t promise that nothing in your home will ever go wrong, but we can promise to be there for you when it does.

All of these modifications take away the hassle of everyday life, allowing the user to enjoy life to the full leaving them with time to enjoy with family and friends. Our smart home automation system is more than just digital integration, it’s a way to simplify and enjoy the home.

  • Pre-built control panels

  • Pre-installed systems

  • Full documentation supplied