Curtain/Blind Control

Smart home automation curtains and blinds for ultimate luxury living

Curtin/Blind Control

Smart home automation curtains and blinds for ultimate luxury living

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Let the light in

Most people enjoy the sun, but it can be intrusive in the home, for example when you’re trying to use a computer, read a book or watch TV. Strong sunlight streaming into the building can also quickly raise the temperature above where you want it, thereby starting the air conditioning, consuming energy and adding to your carbon footprint.

With smart home automation curtain control, curtains and blinds can be automatically closed when the sun hits the window or reaches a certain point into the room and then opened again when the sun moves away.

Home Automation Curtain control from anywhere in the world

Motorised curtains and blinds allow you to open and close curtains and blinds by simply touching a button, mobile device, or app. Set schedules and let your home automation take the hassle out of managing your solar gain and heat loss.

Convenient, energy-saving and integrated into your other home automation systems, our smart home automation curtain and blind controls help you optimise your home for light, heat, and security.

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    Energy saving

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    Effortless home integration

Automated blind control

Automated blinds are a safe, secure alternative to traditional blinds. For parents with young children, it means no dangerous cords to keep out of reach. For entertaining, it means more time with your guests and less worrying about household chores. Automated blinds have something for everybody.

Automated shades can also help with security and communicate with fire alarms and advanced burglar systems. Electric blinds can be set to automatically open when a fire is detected or an intruder is present allowing the police to easily see into your home.

Like smart thermostats, smart speakers, and other smart home products, our heating systems connect to your home network to allow for seamless and instant integration. Using your phone, hub or voice command, you can control your smart bulbs without ever needing to flick a switch.

Energy-conscious home management

Optimise your home and sync your smart curtains or blinds to match with your heating, lighting and power needs.

We work with leading suppliers to provide you with products that work like clockwork.

Automate your home curtain and blinds with our bespoke solutions.

Automatic blinds and curtains for ultimate luxury living

Smart curtains and blinds can also be paired with smart lighting and heating to balance out heat and light. This helps you maximise on daylight, reduce your energy costs and decrease your carbon footprint.

Remote controlled curtains and blinds also allow you to fool would-be intruders into thinking someone is home, adding an extra layer of security.

  • Safety

  • Insulation

  • Smart lighting integration