Control4 UK Home Automation Systems

control4 home automation - control 4 ukDesigned and installed by industry leaders.

Control4 UK Home Automation Systems

control4 home automation - control 4 uk

Designed and installed by industry leaders.

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Control4 home automation technology that puts you in control

Many products that form part of a Home Automation system have their own remote control and many now have smartphone Apps. Smart lighting, Amazon Alexa, Apple TV, smart appliances and other iOS and Android devices.

While this is great in that it allows you to control things without leaving your armchair, there is still a lot of frustration when it requires six different smartphone apps and eight remote controls to have an automated experience around the home!

To manage your entire home entertainment – the distribution of your TV and music – we use the industry-leading Control4 system, for which we are a Gold Dealer. Control4 is the user interface for all your Home Automation systems i.e. Smart Home Systems, Entertainment Systems and Security Systems. Control all of your home automation from one universal Control 4 remote.

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Connected, simple to use technology

Control4 home automation means all you need is one App to work everything – it can’t be easier than that! And you can operate the Control4 systems from a variety of devices – a control 4 remote control on the coffee table, a wall-mounted touch screen, a tablet, a laptop or a smartphone.

Design Innovation is a KNX Partner and a board member of the UK KNX Association and is ideally placed to design a whole building control system to suit your requirements and budget. Using a fully integrated building management system can result in savings of up to 50% in energy bills.

  • Save up to 50% in energy bills
  • Instant home control
  • Remote access from anywhere in the world

Every view from your entire home

Some elements of Home Automation are more critical to your comfort and welfare than others e.g. your building entry control, lighting and heating are more important than distributing TV and music around your home.

Therefore, we design more resilience into these more critical elements of your system by using lots of small microprocessors distributed all over the system that communicate with each other, rather than a single, larger more powerful central microprocessor that controls everything. What that means for you, is that if one component in the system fails, only one small part of the system stops working while everything else carries on functioning as normal, leaving you comfortable, safe and secure.

KNX - knx system

Complete control wherever you are

Control your home environment quickly and effectively with this robust control solution. We are proud to work with these leading providers and are committed to creating an all-in-one solution for all client needs.

Control your security, home living, and entertainment systems with our bespoke complete controls. Our systems are supported by ongoing maintenance and support to help you keep your system performing all year round.