Control4 UK Home Automation Systems

control4 home automation - control 4 ukDesigned and installed by industry leaders.

Control4 UK Home Automation Systems

control4 home automation - control 4 uk

Designed and installed by industry leaders.

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Control4 home automation: technology that puts you in control

Many products that form part of a smart home automation system have their own remote controls. Many more use smartphone apps. The ability to control so much, so simply from the comfort of your armchair is what makes home automation so appealing.

Yet when you’re juggling multiple remotes and apps to control smart lighting, Amazon Alexa, Apple TV, smart appliances and other iOS and Android devices, there’s still plenty of opportunity for frustration to creep in.

The Control4 system places all your smart home, entertainment and security systems in one place and makes managing and controlling them all intuitively, blissfully simple.

Maximising that simplicity takes a Control 4 dealer who knows how to tailor the system to your needs. So you might like to know that we’re Gold Dealer accredited for Control 4 installation in Nottingham, across the East Midlands (Leicester, Derby) and the wider UK.

Connected, simple to use technology from your Midlands Control 4 dealer

With Control4 home automation, you can operate everything from one app, and you choose how to connect with it: a remote control on the coffee table, a wall-mounted touch screen, a tablet or your smartphone.

Design Innovation is a KNX Partner and a board member of the UK KNX Association. That means we are ideally placed to design a whole building control system to suit your requirements and budget.

With the support of our expert Control 4 installers, our fully integrated building management systems can help you…

  • Manage your heating, cooling and shading easily and cost-effectively
  • Gain instant control over your entire home
  • Remotely access your home automation system from anywhere in the world

Reliable. Robust. Powerful. Secure

Not every element of your home automation system will have equal importance. You might, for example, feel that control of building entry, lighting and heating are more important to your home comfort and security than the ability to access Netflix on every TV in your home.

That’s why we believe it’s so important that our Control4 installers are able to protect your most critical systems. We do that by building high levels of resilience into the most vital elements.

Instead of a single, central microprocessor that controls everything, we distribute small microprocessors across your Home Automation system.

What difference does that make? It means that if one component fails, only that one small part of the system stops working. Everything else functions as normal, leaving you comfortable, safe and secure. Imagine being without lights and heating on a cold January night!

KNX - knx system

Putting control, security and comfort in your hands

Between them, Design Innovation’s people do more to ensure Control 4 is exactly the solution you need. Across Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and beyond, our Control4 installers will help you understand how the system could transform your home, making life simpler, more intuitive and more secure.

Across the Midlands, our Control 4 installers will ensure the reality lives up to the promise and our ongoing maintenance and support will help you keep your system performing all year round.

Control 4 installation in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester.. and beyond

As trusted Control 4 Gold dealers, we’re ready to give you complete control over your home, wherever you are. To find out how we can help, simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.