Streamline your office for improved results


Streamline your office for improved results

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Optimise your office space

The automation technology that is becoming more popular in the home, is equally applicable to commercial buildings too. Modern offices thrive on improving productivity while still helping your team relax and enjoy their environment. That’s where commercial automation comes in.

Fully integrated building management systems deliver real cost savings as well as lifestyle improvements with some estimates suggesting energy savings of up to 50%. Besides saving you money, automation can streamline your business processes, make you more responsive to your customer’s needs, reduce your carbon emissions and help the environment.

Wow your employees and clients

Boardroom audio visual systems are not only prestigious, they improve communication, save management time and can result in better decisions which at board level, can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Putting audio-visual and office communication systems into your business enable teams that are dispersed around the country to “meet” at the drop of a hat, thereby improving decision making and enabling you to be more responsive to your customer’s needs. High performance (high bandwidth) office communication enables some meetings to be “remote” thereby saving both time and travel costs.

When delivering a proposal or conducting a demonstration for a customer or prospect, closing the blinds, dimming the lights and turning the AV screen on at the touch of a single button or voice command, not multiple remote controls and wall switches, is impressive and memorable and will influence your customer or prospect’s perception of your business.

Seamless Integration

Updating your office, lab, or commercial space is easy with Design Innovation’s leading team of experts. Our designers and engineers consult with every client to see what unique needs they have before suggesting the perfect lighting control, heating & ventilation control, smart devices, automation and security system. Once we have an idea of what you want in your workplace, we get to work planning a bespoke solution just right for you.

Using a fully integrated building management system can result in savings of up to 50% in energy bills with applications like smart thermostats, lighting systems and various other eco-friendly smart systems. With such potential savings, it’s not hard to argue that the initial expense of a properly designed and implemented building management system will soon be recovered in reduced running costs.

Our systems are all easily controlled from a single hub and can connect to multiple smart devices. This keeps your space free of unsightly switches and controls. All you need is a single touch screen to control your entire office. Heating & ventilation, lighting, video doorbells, security cameras and voice control assistants are just the tip of the iceberg – we can even automate the watering of the flower beds in the car park!

  • Pre-built control panels

  • Pre-installed systems

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