Case Study Two - LED upgrade

Upgrading the existing system for LED lighting

Project Summary

The project involved upgrading the lighting system from halogen bulbs to LED lighting. With an existing KNX installation already in place, only the dimmers needed replacing with new LED-compatible ones.

The homeowner wanted to replace the existing energy-consuming halogen bulbs with LED lighting to reduce energy consumption and lower running costs. The transition to LED lighting is known for its higher energy efficiency and longer lifespan, making it an appealing choice for cost savings.

By replacing only the dimmers, the goal was to maintain compatibility and functionality with the existing KNX installation while achieving the desired LED lighting benefits. The project was executed efficiently within a couple of days, thanks to the existing KNX infrastructure.

Photography: Steve Edwards Photography

Key Drivers

After the installation, a programme of configuration and thorough testing was performed to ensure proper functionality and seamless operation of the upgraded KNX system with the LED lighting, ensuring that the lighting controls and newly installed dimmers were functioning correctly in every situation.

The project’s success was attributed to the ease of integration provided by the existing KNX infrastructure and the availability of LED-compatible KNX dimmers.

Project Summary

“By leveraging the flexibility of the KNX system, the transition to LED lighting was accomplished quickly and efficiently by replacing the dimmer modules and the non-LED bulbs. With over 400 manufacturers making smart home components that are compatible with KNX, there is never a risk of system redundancy. As illustrated in this example, although the smart home system was originally installed by our team 15 years ago, it can be upgraded easily and cost-effectively, when required“

Nick Gale – Design Innovation


The Technical Solution


Zennio Narrowdim 2 channel dimming actuator

Zennio Narrowdim 4 channel dimming actuator

Basalte Sentido Quad wall keypad in white

Intelligent Building Solutions Used

Smart lighting LED- compatible

KNX dimmer modules


Lighting Control


Audio Distribution

CCTV Systems


Home Wifi Systems


Shading Control

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