Why choose us?

We’re the industry leaders in innovative home automation

Why choose us?

We’re the industry leaders in innovative home automation

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Reliable technology that works every time

The home automation systems we create for our clients deliver luxurious comfort and convenience as well as a little (or a lot) of the wow factor! They are sophisticated, technically advanced solutions using cutting edge, not bleeding edge technology from the industry’s leading manufacturers – our clients want reliability, they don’t want to be guinea pigs!

Our goal is to realise our client’s dreams and aspirations to create innovative, elegant, breath-taking homes and provide real-world benefits to your business.

We’ve done it before

We’ve been around the track a few times and we have the grey hair to prove it – or at least some of us do! Design Innovation has been helping clients create wonderful homes since 2004.

Initially working out of Nick Gale’s garage at home, Design Innovation has gone on to deliver Home Automation solutions in some of the grandest residences in the UK owned by the most discerning clients developing years of experience in planning, installing, and maintaining intuitive home automation systems.


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We work with tried and trusted systems and suppliers

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Robust, secure and easy to use software

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We keep it simple

We’ll take the time to sit down with you and guide you through the different aspects of home automation. We appreciate that it’s a fast-moving industry and that it can be a bit baffling, so we make a real effort to simplify it all and talk in everyday plain English, not jargon – we can talk as technical as you like, but we find that most people don’t want that… You can then tell us which areas of home automation interest you and we’ll create a bespoke proposal that’s tailor-made to your needs and long term plan.

When designing a system, we place a huge emphasis on ease of use and always have the objective that an eight-year-old should be able to operate the system. When commissioning and handing over the project, we give you a handover pack that includes our system design drawings, all the manufacturer’s manuals, a bespoke written “Quick Start Guide” and we offer training for all of your family and domestic staff.

Industry Standard Solutions

The Home Automation systems we create are based upon the KNX standard which is the world’s only open standard for the home and building control industry.

  • Pre-built control panels

  • Pre-installed systems

  • Full documentation supplied