Take control of your home from security to entertainment


Take control of your home from security to entertainment

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Your life simplified

Just imagine as you arrive home your smartphone is recognised, the driveway gate opens, if it’s dark, your driveway and footpath lighting system comes on. You unlock your home’s door by waving your smartphone over the keypad, the entrance hall, kitchen and lounge lights come on (if it’s dark) and depending upon the time of day, your preferred music playlist starts. If those settings don’t match your mood, select a different “scene” – maybe your “Relax” scene with lower lighting and chill-out music.

Endless Possibilities

Updating your home with modern residential living technology is user friendly and can be accessed easily via touch screens, mobile devices, and voice commands. Here are a few of the ways automation can change your life.

  • Just invited friends over for an impromptu, informal dinner at your place after you get home from work – no problem, use your smartphone to preheat the oven before you get home.
  • Want to curl up on the sofa and watch your favourite show – touch the “Curl up on the sofa” button to dim the lights, close the curtains or blinds and switch the TV on.
  • Time for bed – touch the “Go to bed” button and turn everything off – the fireplace, all TVs and music and close all the curtains and blinds if they’re not already closed. The doors lock and the hall, stairs and landing lights come on. Two minutes later all the downstairs lights turn off and the alarm sets.
  • As you leave the house, touch the “Goodbye” button on the touch screen near the exit door and all the lights and Audio Visual equipment turn off, the smart thermostat changes settings, and home security systems activate.
  • Get rid of that “wall acne” (unsightly banks of switches) by installing elegant keypads that are available in a variety of colours and finishes to compliment your décor.

Reliable and robust applications

We have created a wide range of residential systems and applications perfect for all homes and needs. Every home is unique and our team takes the time to understand what you need to make your home intuitive and convenient.

Our residential systems are all easily controlled from a single hub and can connect to multiple smart devices. Video doorbells, security cameras, voice assistants, and smart kitchen appliances are just the tip of the iceberg.

All of these modifications take away the hassle of everyday life, leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy with your family and friends. Our smart home automation system is more than just digital integration, it’s a way to simplify and enjoy your home.