The Benefits of Smart Temperature Control

The Benefits of Smart Temperature Control

Climate change and our reliance on fossil fuels have become key social issues. As a result of these ideas, modern home trends are more and more inclined to look at energy usage, not just for peace of mind but also to reduce energy costs, use renewable materials, and create a more self-sufficient home. 

Add to this mix bespoke room control and your home becomes a temperate haven all year round. Our systems address all of these concerns in one simple solution. This article will look at how smart temperature and environment automation can improve your home, lifestyle, and energy usage.

Smart temperature control: What is it and how does it work?

According to KNX, buildings account for 40% of our total energy consumption and are the prime candidates for smart heating, cooling, and energy control. This is a huge cost for homeowners and an added burden for energy suppliers. As a result, homes across the country have turned to modern heating alternatives like underfloor heating (UFH). 

However, even with a change in heating methods, it can be difficult to know when to turn heating on and off. Most people end up turning on the heating only to turn it off when they find the heat stifling. Heat, once radiated around the home, takes a while to dissipate which leads to this see-saw experience from hot to cold. Like moving a large ship, your home temperature needs to be slowed down or changed in increments to avoid excess energy use and extreme temperatures.

Smart temperature control prevents this see-saw in temperatures and tapers heating to match the inertia of your home’s interior environment. 

Homeowners with heating and cooling systems can also forget to switch systems off which leads to the all too human error of heating and cooling your home at the same time. Smart temperature controls are one of the best ways to avoid this issue. Our systems monitor all of your environmental appliances and constantly analyse and adapt your home to keep temperatures exact to a degree.

Design Innovation’s smart temperature control even allows for room-by-room heating control. So if you find your kitchen or study is a little cooler in winter then you tailor your heating to match the rest of the home for an even temperature. We work with KNX who supply highly accurate room control systems to allow you to create as many individual zones as you need.

Whatever heating system you use, our applications connect your home appliance to a local network which can be accessed from your mobile device or central control unit. This means that even when you aren’t home you can control the environment. No more getting home after a day out to a cold home. Every aspect of your home is in the palm of your hand.

Smart Temperature Control: Adapt your home to the seasons

Heating is only one aspect of adapting your home to the seasons. Your curtains, blinds, windows, and air conditioners also have a role to play. Our scenes allow you to manage all these elements.

Imagine you wake up on a Winter morning. As you get up and walk to the kitchen to grab a cup of tea or coffee, the underfloor heating from your bedroom to your kitchen is warmed to take the chill off. As you eat your breakfast, your blinds automatically open to let in the fresh morning light while your smart speaker kicks into action playing you the headlines of the day or your favourite tunes. 

Alternatively, you are on the way home from a day out hiking with the family. From your phone, you preheat your home, set the kettle or coffee machine to brew just before you arrive, and close the curtains before it gets too dark.

These scenes are just a sample of how we can design your home automation to fit your lifestyle.

Smart home with fireplace

The importance of light

Blinds and curtains are also a great way to introduce natural heat and reduce your energy costs by directly harnessing heat from the sun. KNX are well-versed in this field and employ incredibly sophisticated GPS technology and up-to-the-minute weather forecasts. Our innovations, supported by KNX technology allow you to save on energy consumption and improve temperature control by automating your curtains and blinds.

Reduced energy needs

These changes seem modest but can have some incredible economic effects. KNX’s studies have found that by automating your home you can save on your energy costs:

  • 50% with room heating control
  • 40% with heating automation
  • 45% with shutter control
  • 80% with lighting control
  • 60% with ventilation control

These are huge percentages and the savings alone are worth updating your home. Add to this the value a good energy rating adds to your property value and a reduced carbon footprint, and it’s plain to see that our home automation technology is smart in every sense of the word.

Smart Temperature Control at Home: Design Innovation and KNX

The benefits of smart home temperature control are plain to see. While it can take time and investment to set up the initial controls, once installed, these systems provide you with complete control over your home. Exact temperatures all year round, reduced energy costs, and a home that is tailored to your needs are just a few of the benefits of this integral home automation. 

If you’d like to run an idea for your home by us or want to find out more about what it takes to update your home with home automation then contact us today. Our team are ready to help you update your home and improve your energy efficiency.

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