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Home Security Control

Home security is something that many people worry about, and for good reason. Safewise, a trusted security review site, lists the top eight reasons to get a home security system as;


  • Protecting valuables
  • Deterring criminals
  • Allowing remote control
  • Lowering home insurance
  • Notifying you of fire or gas problems
  • Keeping tabs on the kids
  • Improving power efficiency
  • Granting peace of mind


These reasons can all be managed with complete control of your home from a secure mobile device. Design Innovation gives you the power to do exactly that with instant access to security, gate and door controls, cameras, and even lighting or automated curtains. Here’s how each of these aspects can help you protect your home, whether it’s deterring criminals, keeping an eye on the kids, or even just for added peace of mind.

Advanced Home Security

Door Security

Gate and Door Control

Have you ever left your home and thought ‘Did I lock the door?’ Our home automation controls ensure this little niggle is a thing of the past with instant access to cameras, doors, and gates


Just imagine, your kids get home from school and you’re at work. With Design Innovation’s help, you can check on them using your home CCTV as well as talk to them directly using your home’s video intercom. You can even lock the door behind them if they forget to do so. 


Another great time for gate and door control is when you’re expecting deliveries. If you’re not going to be home you can always use your cameras and remote access control to open gates and doors for services and deliveries. No more need to waste a day off waiting for a delivery.


Finally, remote home security control can be automated to make your arrival seamless. As you arrive home, the GPS in your phone can be detected which opens the gate, turns off alarms and initiates the ”Welcome Home” scene. 


What is a scene? Scenes combine different aspects of your home like lights in certain rooms, playing music in the entertainment areas, or automatically opening and closing curtains or blinds. These can be tailored to specific needs all without needing to push a single button.


For example, our ‘Welcome Home’ scene can turn on music, heating or lighting (exterior or interior), open or close curtains and can even be set to start a smart coffee machine or other appliance before you walk in the door. 


All of this shows how a simple improvement like gate and door control has so many applications. All it takes is a little insight and a whole lot of Design Innovation. 



Having eyes on your property gives you peace of mind and insight. External CCTV makes it easy to deter would-be criminals and check vehicles before they get onto your property. You can also protect areas that are often out of sight like perimeter fences and large garden spaces. This means that if you hear something go bump in the night, you don’t need to go and investigate, you can just pick up your phone and check your camera feeds. 


Internal CCTV system is really useful in entryways for seeing who is at the door. As mentioned above, video doorbells and CCTV give you instantaneous insight into when deliveries or the kids get home. 


Both internal and external systems give you 24/7 access to your home with up-to-the-second updates and information. Our CCTV systems can also be viewed on any screen or smart device in the house. But you don’t need to be surveying the cameras at all hours. Our sophisticated CCTV systems use and provide video analytics. These analytics give you the ability to define ‘virtual’ lines on cameras’ lines of sight. Once defined, your cameras can use these lines to trigger lights or events when something walks into a virtual line. For example, you could have a warning trigger to deter prowlers with warnings such as ‘CCTV is now recording’ or ‘guard dogs will be released in 60 seconds’. 


You can also use this system for up-to-the-minute information. A camera on your perimeter can instantly send you a notification if something crosses a specific line. Or, if you’re going out into the garden at night, your CCTV can pick you up on the virtual line and automatically turn on your garden lighting. Whether as a deterrent, a safety aid, or a notification system, our smart CCTVs are the perfect addition to instant home security control. 

light controlling

Lighting Control and Blinds

Lighting is a simple and effective way to deter burglars and make your home safe. As shown above, our integrated solutions can light up gardens or set specific triggers when someone crosses a specific line. However, our systems are much more intelligent than that.


One advancement we are particularly pleased with is our simulated occupancy system. This system can be turned on when you leave your home and set your alarm. While you’re away, your home will accurately mimic your habits, turning lights on and off in various parts of the home and can even incorporate recorded sounds or turn on televisions to make it seem like someone is home all the time.


Your pets can also benefit from these automated controls. While you’re away at work you can ensure that the temperature and light are just right for your favourite pooch. If your cat is lounging around and you want to give them a sunny corner to doze in then why not open your study curtains or lounge blinds from work and allow them to enjoy the home as much as you do.

Home Security Away

Home Control Away from Home

Our goal is to provide our clients with an integrated home security control system. By controlling every aspect with one system you have to learn and manage less. Allow us to show you the true potential of your home by contacting us today. Or have a look at what our very own David Bradshaw has to say about Design Innovation’s amazing work. We can’t wait to give you the ultimate peace of mind and advanced remote home control.

Check out our solutions for you.

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